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Fw: Jurassic Park Movie Errors

I just finifhed looking at the errors post below. It is almost useless for
technical/scientific errors such as we had on the list for so long.
Somewhere there has to be an archive or digest that Judy Molnar could
access. Dont waste time on this one! Some of the other items in  the movie
are interesting, like the T rex growl (audio) and some tech details of the
filming. IMHO
        Sorry Robert.

Ray McAllister, Retired Prof. (Emeritus) of Ocean 
Engineering, Dept of OE, Fla. Atlantic Univ., Boca 
Raton, FL 33064  (954) 426-0808

| From: Robert Margulski <RMarguls@cybercomm.net>
| To: dinosaur@usc.edu
| Subject: Re: Jurassic Park Movie Errors
| Date: Saturday, March 08, 1997 5:52 PM
| At 20:36 3/7/1997 EST, jamolnar@juno.com wrote:
| >I've begun to compile a list of dinosaur errors as depicted in "Jurassic
| >Park" -- the book (JPB), "Jurassic Park" -- the movie (JPM), and "Lost
| >World"-- the book (LWB).  For now,  I've got the JPB errors pretty well
| >done, and would like folks to contribute to my list for JPM dinosaur
| >errors.
| >
| Hi Judy,
| If you want a definitive list of all the errors in the movie, go to
|       http://uk.imdb.com/blurb.html
  |        RMarguls@cybercomm.net