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Re: New Madagascar Sickle-Claw Bird

On Sat, 8 Mar 1997, Ben S. Roesch wrote:

> Sorry to bother everyone again, but does anyone have the ref for the
> scientific description on this new bird? I have the ref for the Natural
> History (March 1997) article, but was wondering if there was anything more.

And, to piggy-back on this: a teezer in the Feb. issue of NH said that a
following issue would detail bird/dinosaur "associations".  I, of course,
began salivating at the idea of birds preying on dino nests--or _any_
symbiosis between birds and dinos.  I have also got wind of
enantiornithines found in some association with dinosaurs.  But, alas, the
March NH article only talked about the phylogenetic association between
dinos and birds.  Does anyone know if there is more to come or anything
more known about bird/dino symbioses?
Thanks, John.