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Pilt-down dinosaur, my ....

>Another thing I noticed from the Audubon article is a quote that Alan
>Feduccia said:
>"I've studied enlarged photos of that thing, and I'll tell you this, those
>aren't feathers."  Alluding to a fraudulamt human fossil, he adds, "I call it
>the Pilt-*down* dinosaur."
>Question.  Is Feduccia just trying to be clever in his way of handling this
>matter (like when he claimed _Sinosauropteryx_ was the 'cold fusion' of
>paleontology) or is he really, openly accusing the Chinese workers of fraud?

I find if funny, when a fossil is found that will destory or serverly hurt 
one's hyopsis, they'll claim it to be fake. Sinosauropteryx isn't fake. There 
are 2 maybe 3 specimens, all of them show these impressions and in o
ne of them at least there is a part and counterpart. Feduccia leaves a 
lot to be desired.