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Re: Bird Evolution

MFHanson@aol.com wrote:
> >       I'm running a trip to dig in the Mid-Cret. on the AZ/NM border
> >in mid Sept.,  All new dinosaurs!! We just ot this trip organized.
> Jim- This sounds really exciting.  I am planning a move to
> Arizona..specifically Tucson.. in the near future..within four years.
> Who is working with you on this dig?  Any one from Arizona?

The project is cosponcered by the Mesa Southwest Museum, which be 
represented by my good friend Doug Wolfe, an expert on the Cret. in the 
region. We had found Turonian sites in this area back in 1984 and at my 
urging Doug went back in to find new dinosaurs. And he did!
> I wonder how my principal would react to my telling her that I wanted two
> weeks off in September!!  How about calling in sick for two weeks?

Love to have you along.

> This is all tax-deductable isn't it?!!
> Your accountant figures that out. I know the portion for the hotel and 
food is not much of the rest is as we are a not-for-profit org. Teacher 
recertification credit availible. Call 1 (800) 344-3466 and they will 
send you all the info.

Jim K.