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Re: Arundel Fauna (was Hell Creek Seaway)

Tompaleo@aol.com wrote:
> >  Some species freshwater and some marine.
> >  > and Ticodus (spelling?)Yes, what taxon is this.
> this one is new to me as well. And I only very recently found out about it.
> While me, Tom Holtz, and Mike Bret-Surman were showing the latest finds to a
> guy from Discovery Channel, I happened to bring some unknown teeth along with
> my dino material. Bob Purdy happened by and noted that the one tooth was
> 'probaby' Ticodus. He indicated (if I remember correctly) it was similar to
> the Hybodonts but did not go into detail.  I have been unable to find
> anything on this critter and have emailed Bob to try to get more on it.

He was referring to Ptychodus, I bet. This is a marine benthic shark 
that I have never seen in freshwater deposits. Large or small 

Jim K.