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Re: Cretaceous Mass Extinction

In a message dated 97-03-11 18:35:03 EST, jpoling@dinosauria.com (Jeff
Poling) writes:

<<   Was it?  That's what I wonder about.  Last thing I heard was that there
 were at least two confirmed hits at the end of the Cretaceous (Chixulub and
 Kansas?) and the possibility of 3 to 5 more. >>

Kansas has been redated to earlier than KT boundary, but let us not forget
the "Shiva" crater--may be bigger than Chixculub and also dated 65 Ma. See

Chatterjee, S. & Rudra, D. K., 1996. "KT events in India: impact, rifting,
volcanism and dinosaur extinction," in Novas & Molnar, eds., 1996: 489532.

Novas, F. E. (not A.) & Molnar, R. E., eds., 1996. Proceedings of the
Gondwanan Dinosaur Symposium, Brisbane, Memoirs of the Queensland Museum
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