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Gr. 9 Sc. Fair Project: Update

Dear All:

As part of putting finishing touches on my project summary for the Regional
Science Fair, I'm looking for Dr. John H. Ostrom's current place of work.  I
don't need his address because I'm not trying to contact him right now.

By the way, one of my previous questions has been answered.  Parasaurolophus
did not produce frequencies as low as 10 Hz.  This was an error in the
literature that I quoted.  My thanks to Dr. Tom Williamson for correcting
this for me.

I'm still struggling with the question of how elephants are able to produce
vocalizations of 30 Hz.  I'm leaning toward the idea that they use their
trunks as closed air columns.  If this turns out to be correct, I'll
probably start wondering if hadrosaurs could do the same thing with their

Last weekend, at the invitation of Dr. Phil Currie and Mr. Darren Tanke, I
went to the Royal Tyrrell Museum to tour the back rooms and measure skulls.
It was really neat!

The Regional Science Fair takes  place this Thursday.  I'll let everyone
know how it turns out.  Right now I'm very nervous!

Della Drury