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Re: Re2: Behaviour Bias

At 05:30 PM 3/11/97 -0600, Richard L. Dieterle wrote:
>More in the realm of the latter, on TV I have seen a species of 
>Australian  parrot engage in symbolic behavior that was quite

Are you sure it wasn't the African gray?? That is the parrot species that
has been induced to produce the most spectacular feats of reasoning.

> Even if we could 
>somehow show that it was a subtle form of rote memory, still its 
>behavior presupposed a large quantity of a relatively sophisticated
>form of memory. 

Some of what the African gray can do is pretty hard to lay entirely to
memory.  It requires, at the very least, a fairly sophisticated form of
conceptual discrimination.

But the African gray is considered about the smartest bird alive today, and
is hardly a good analog for any other archosaur. (And parrots in general
are among the most intelligent of birds).

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