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Re: Cretaceous Mass Extinction

Jonathon Woolf wrote:
> >
> >...: Keith Rigby claims to have
> >found dinosaur fossils associated with Paleocene mammals, _in situ_,
> >not reworked, in two different locales.  One is in China, the other
> >is the Bug Creek deposits of Montana, North America.  
> >
> >Does anyone know if this claim has been either confirmed or refuted
> >by other workers?  ...
> >
> It has been largely refuted, though perhaps not finally and decisively.
> A good, and rather convincing, refutation is found in _The Bug Creek
> Problem and the Cretaceous-Tertiay Transition at McGuire Creek, Montana_,
> Donald L. Lofgren. _Geological Sciences, vol 140_, Univ. of Califoria Press.
It was never my intention to insinuate that dinosaurs lived beyond 
the K-T boundary.  Only that it was statistically unlikely that every 
single dinosaur was killed by the impact and aftermath.  

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