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Re: Cretaceous Mass Extinction

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Michael wrote:
> Next would have been reentry phenomena.  It would have been
> worldwide.  The heat from the local blast, reentry of plasma, rock
> and comet, then resultant forest fires would have raised worldwide
> temperatures within hours to lethal levels. 

I think this highly unlikely, and would regard it as untrue until
shown a convincing calculation otherwise. Such a calculation would
be straightforward, along the lines of my earlier calculation showing
that an impact would change the earth's rotation rate only about 1msec.
Take your favorite large bolide, compute its kinetic energy 1/2 m v^2,
then start dividing it into the heat capacity of an awful lot of
air, water, and earth. I think you'll find it insignificant.

Additionally, the thermal redistribution time of the energy would
be comparatively long (days) so it would be locally hot and mostly
unaffected at the antipolar location. Much of the infrared would
be line of sight, emitted into space and thus unaffecting the planet.

Russ Andersson

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