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Re: Cretaceous Mass Extinction

>Stanley Friesen wrote:
> >
> >...: Keith Rigby claims to have
> >found dinosaur fossils associated with Paleocene mammals, _in situ_,
> >not reworked, in two different locales.  One is in China, the other
> >is the Bug Creek deposits of Montana, North America.  
> >
> >Does anyone know if this claim has been either confirmed or refuted
> >by other workers?  ...
> >
> It has been largely refuted, though perhaps not finally and decisively.
> A good, and rather convincing, refutation is found in _The Bug Creek
> Problem and the Cretaceous-Tertiay Transition at McGuire Creek, Montana_,
> Donald L. Lofgren. _Geological Sciences, vol 140_, Univ. of Califoria Press.

And what about China ? If the fossils were not only teeth but the 
dinosaurs were found in situ, a good explanation is really necessary 
(where can Rigby's statement be found ?).

In addition, Late Cretaceous dinosaur eggs (some of them with 
pathological shell) were described from the Pyrenees by Erben
(if I remember the author correctly). In an abstract published later,
the author wrote that a Paleocene age has been determined for some
of these eggs by different methods. Have there been any 
published comments on these claims ?

Martin Jehle, Dipl.-Ing. (FH)
Regensburg, Germany