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web page update (fwd)

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From: The Palaeontological Association <map2@leicester.ac.uk>
Subject: Updates*News*Announcements*
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The Palaeontological Association web pages have been improved and updated.
They now include even more essential information and exciting announcements:

     *A full catalogue of Association publications.
     *The latest edition of the 'Palaeontology Newsletter'
      (not yet available from any other source!) including:
     *Reductions in membership costs!?
     *'Lively' debate on the value of fossils in private collections.
     *An amazing once in a lifetime offer - member price reductions of up to
      95 percent on Association Publications!
     *Contents of Palaeontology Volume 40, part 1
     *The dates of the 1997 ANNUAL CONFERENCE (don't miss out on this
      palaeontological jamboree, put the dates in your diary now!)
     *Informative book reviews, surprizing play reviews(!), thorough meeting
     *Dates and details of forthcoming meetings

All at the usual url's:

(UK site)

(the US Mirror)

Dr Mark A. Purnell

Department of Geology, University of Leicester
University Road, Leicester LE1 7RH, U.K
tel: +44 116 2523645  fax: +44 116 2523918

Bonnie A.B. Blackwell,                          bonn@qcvaxa.acc.qc.edu
Dept of Geology,                                off: (718) 997-3332
Queens College, City University of New York,    fax: (718) 997-3299
Dept of Earth \& Environmental Sciences,        fax: (718) 997-3349
The Graduate Center, CUNY,                      fax: (718) 997-3513
Flushing, NY 11367-1597                         messages: (718) 997-3300