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Conan Doyle's Lost World

    Greetings all,
        In one of my recent adventures flitting around the web, I 
noticed a dazzling lack of any sites pertaining to Sir Arthur Conan 
Doyle's THE LOST WORLD. First of all, I'm wondering if this wasn't 
just because of my inability to find any, or a very real lack of a 
single site about it... Anybody know for sure?

        Secondly, regardless of the answer to the above question, I'm 
keen to create my own site devoted to this remarkable book. Does 
anybody out there know where I can get any pics of Victorian dinosaur 
restorations, original pictures from the book and stills from the 
1925 movie? If any of you out there have some, will you let me 
download them (please please pretty please!!:-)? Any other 
information such as bibliographical sites on the book/movies, 
reviews, etc. would be greatly appreciated.

        Thanks in advance to anybody who can help me out, and please 
respond to me off-list, as there is no need to clutter it up with 
more useless movie stuff:-).


"The trumpet of scientific judgement has sounded; they have risen 
form the dead, and the naturalist classifies them."

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