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Re: Dino Literature

Maarten.DeMeyer@ping.be (Maarten De Meyer) wrote:

> I'm composing a small "library" of books on the subject paleontology.  
> I'd like to ask anyone who's willing to help me to mail me (personally,
> not on the mailing list) information on whatever books on Paleontology 
> they know, or where I can find more info.

Rachel Clark and I have compiled a pretty large list (soon to be even
larger) of dinosaur & paleontology books for my Dinosaur Web Pages. Go to:


and click on the button that says "BOOKS".

> I'd also like to know where I
> can learn more about cladistics, since I've never heard of the Clade
> Wars and I don't even know what a cladogram is (*shame*), and it's
> really hard to follow that thread :/

I also have a bit about this on my pages, on the Introduction page and
in the entry for Linnaean taxonomy on the Glossary Page. Both of these
pages are also linked to from the above URL.

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