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Snack time for T rex

IÕve noticed that many large predators that depend mainly on correspondingly 
large kills are often found satisfying their needs by opportunistic Òsnacking.Ó 
Australian Salties, quite surprisingly, feast on diminutive mud skippers.  One 
wonders just how many of these wholesome treats would suffice to keep a 
crocodile gastonomically contented.  I also recall that Alaskan wolves, who 
would rather have a caribou over for dinner, seasonally gorge themselves on 
rodents to the exclusion of almost all else.  In the leonine version of a candy 
bar at the movies, IÕve even seen a lion (on TV) take a scrawny female baboon.  
(Note -- the otherwise ferocious males ignominiously and unchivalrously Òran for

One wonders, therefore, how frequently relatively small animals were a la carte 
items on the menu of T rex, and whether there could be any tell-tale adaptations
resulting from the literal pursuit of such a dietary regime.