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Re Ceratopsian frills

About a decade ago I saw an exhibit of a complete Triceratops skeleton at the 
St. Paul Science Museum in Minnesota.  The explanatory plaque touted its 
particular virtue: it was said that there were trephinated wounds on the frill, 
showing that at one time injury was done to that feature with subsequent 
healing.  I recollect that the official conjecture identified them as tooth 
marks.  It would be interesting to know whether such a conjecture could be 
sustained by a reexamination.  Might they be the scars of wounds inflicted by 
another TriceratopsÕ horns?  On the other hand, inasmuch as T rex is believed to
have gnawed on Triceratops (see the report in Discover Magazine, Dec. 1996:26), 
can these old wounds be matched to the dentition of T rex in particular?  In 
either case, the old fashioned idea that the frill served as protective armor 
might find new life if what is said about this specimen is true.  

Richard Dieterle