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Gr. 9 Sc. Fair: Regional Fair Results

To All:

At the Regional Science Fair on Mar. 13, my project won the following:
1)  Gold Medal in Intermediate Life Sciences
2)  Award of Excellence in Life Sciences (best life science project in the fair)

In May, I will be going to the Canada-Wide Science Fair.  I owe a large part
of my success to those of you who have helped and encouraged me.  Thank you

Before the Canada-Wide Fair, I hope to make further improvements to my
project.  Several of the judges at the Regional Fair pointed out that my
project has become at least half physics.  Most of the ideas I have right
now seem to be taking it farther in that direction.  However, my questions
are still coming from my interest in dinosaurs.  The physics is a necessary
step that I have to go through to understand these animals.   I will be
posting more questions, but for now I'm just too tired!

Can anyone direct me to a mailing list for people with an interest in acoustics?

Thanks again,
Della Drury