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Re: Gr. 9 Sc. Fair: Regional Fair Results

DRURY wrote:
> To All:
> At the Regional Science Fair on Mar. 13, my project won the following:
> 1)  Gold Medal in Intermediate Life Sciences
> 2)  Award of Excellence in Life Sciences (best life science project in the 
> fair)
> In May, I will be going to the Canada-Wide Science Fair.  

Congratulations, Della!

> Before the Canada-Wide Fair, I hope to make further improvements to my
> project.  Several of the judges at the Regional Fair pointed out that my
> project has become at least half physics.  Most of the ideas I have right
> now seem to be taking it farther in that direction.  However, my questions
> are still coming from my interest in dinosaurs.  The physics is a necessary
> step that I have to go through to understand these animals.   I will be
> posting more questions, but for now I'm just too tired!

I think you've just encountered one of the inherent hazards in any
branch of the life-sciences: no matter what your original project topic
was, it tends to e-x-p-a-n-d and reach out branches into many other
fields of science.  

-- JSW