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Metatarsals etc.

I've a few other questions to go along with Darren Tanke's. 

When did the orenatation of the feet change from when the distal tips 
of first phalanges touch the ground in theropods to dital tips 
metatarsasl touch the ground (I'm not sure if I made my self clear)

Theropod \              bird\
          \                  \___  

Does the foot pad make a difference? 

What is the reason for the change in the orenatation of the pelvis, the 
elongation of the ilium, and the posterior pointing pelvis. This 
changes the use of the femur. 

Archaeopteyrx femur, foot and pelvis is more like that of a theropod 
than a modern bird. 

I've brought this up before, what about the fusing of the metatarsals? 
Enantiorinid's fuse differently than modern birds (I forget which way, 
but I looked up Walker, 1964 and he said not completely fused). Could 
some of t
he more bird like theropods actually be large Enantiorinid birds? 
Oviraptors? Dromaeosaurids? Archaeopteryx?