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dating (of papers, not people)

I see the date of the description of Monolophosaurus and Sinraptor listed as
1994.  This confuses me.  The copy of the Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences
that has these papers in it that I own clearly says October-November 1993.
Why is the date changed for references to this journal?  I have seen this on
other papers as well (the Osborn 1916/1917 paper).  Does it have to do with
the date that the paper "actually hit the stands"?  If this is true,
shouldn't somebody tell the publishers that they are just confusing things
by not releasing on the published date? :-)

Just trying to make a little more sense of the world.


"the truth is, I don't really care how the dinosaurs died.
I'm interested in how they lived."  (Dr. John R. Horner,
from the Complete T.rex, 1993)
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