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request for reference; and question about rib reconstructions

In his recent _Horned dinosaurs_ book, Peter Dodson says that A.S.
Romer's textbook _Vertebrate paleontology_ "was canonical until the
publication of Robert Carroll's text in 1988."  Unfortunately the
Carroll book is not listed in his bibliography.  None of the online
library catalogues I checked has a 1988 book by R.L. Carroll.  Could
someone please provide details?

Also, does anyone know whence cometh the strange and widespread
tradition of reconstructing ribs vertically, like a picket-fence,
instead of angled, like living animals' ribs?  (As Ken Carpenter
pointed out on this list, it makes a critical difference to the
forelimb of ceratopes, and would seem to be strangely out of tune
with efforts to make drawings and mounts true-to-life.)