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Re: Audobon bird/dino article

In a message dated 97-03-16 16:27:18 EST, Bettyc@flyinggoat.com (Bettyc)

<< 1) those 'feathers' look a lot like some fish scale fossils I've seen of
 fossil fish with erect dorsal spines.  Or hair.  Don't look
 particularily feathery to me.  Want to wait till we see some micro
 photgraphy of them. >>

I can't resist pointing out how strongly the feathered skeleton of
_Sinosauropteryx_ resembles the fourth animal in the series of six stages
from primitive archosaur to pre-archaeopterygid bird illustrated in the
frontispiece to my BCF article in the June 1994 _Omni_. That illustration was
done under my direction by British dino-artist Luis Rey. All
_Sinosauropteryx_ needs to be a complete ringer for my "proto-theropod" is
slightly longer, more winglike forelimbs. The animals in that illustration
are all approximately pigeon-size to crow-size, incidentally--not immediately
obvious. Considering the dorsal location of the pre-feathers of _Longisquama_
and the primitive archosaurian feature of a double row of dorsal scutes along
the spine, prediction of a >dorsal< row of theropod feathers was easy.