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Re: Audobon bird/dino article

At 08:10 PM 3/16/97 -0500, Jeff Poling wrote:
>   Feduccia's problem is that he can't be bothered to find out what 
>the current theories are in dinosaur science.  He still thinks this 
>is 1960 when the leading theory *seemed* to be Ostrom's ground-up 
>hypothesis.  Does *anybody* in the science subscribe to this any

Very few, as far as I know.

A couple of weeks ago I ran into an interesting new twist on flight origin
theories. (I think it was in JVP, but I am not certain).

This author proposed that flight evolved from *swimming* (as in penguins).
He suggests that the long-tailed _Archaeopteryx_ and _Rhamphorhynchus_ are
still essentially at the swimming stage.

[I have trouble with this - both of these have wings that seem to large for
"underwater flying" such as penguins do].

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