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Theory of Non-Avian Dino Extinction

Me and my friend were hypothesising about the problem of non-avian dino 
extinction last week and came up with the following solution. Our 
solution takes into account the frog problem, among others. Please feel 
free to criticise me as it will help me improve the theory. DO NOT 
respond to me off-list. Here's the theory:

The meteorite falls in winter, when mammals, amphibians and 
non-dinosaurian land and freshwater reptiles are hibernating. The 
meteorite blocks out the sun, kills plants, then herbivorous dinos, then 
non-avian carnivorous dinos. Meanwhile, all sea monsters and ammonites 
are dependant on only one or two types of plankton. The chill kills most, 
but not all, plankton, including those necessary to the survival of 
ammonites and sea monsters. The ammonites die out, then the sea monsters. 
The fish are OK. Quetzalcoatlus - the last surviving pterosaur - is so 
big and warm-blooded that it is no longer able to find enough food due to 
the extinction of the non-avian dinosaurs and it, too, dies.