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Re: my phylogeny, as of SVP'96 (long)

A long long time ago...
At 09:12 AM 10/24/96 +0930, Tom Holtz wrote:
>Carnosauria, in this analysis, consists of Monolophosaurus + (Sinraptoridae
>+ (an unresolved split between Acrocanthosaurus, Allosaurus,
>Carcharodontosaurus, and Giganotosaurus)). 
        Note that, with the following tree topology:
        (Acrocanthosaurus, (Sinraptoridae, Allosaurus))
        And the following taxon definitions:
        Allosauridae = {+ _Allosaurus_, + _Acrocanthosaurus_}
        Allosauroidea = {+ _Allosaurus_, + _Sinraptor_}
        Allosauridae is a more inclusive taxon than Allosauroidea!
(Translation for layfolk: the "superfamily" Allosauroidea is included within
the "family" Allosauridae.)

[       As I understand, the actual definition is:
        Allosauroidea = {+ Allosauridae, + Sinraptoridae}
        Which I rejected on the basis that the use of higher taxa as
inclusive clade anchors (+ X) may lead to synonomy of taxa erected to
illustrate different concepts, and seems undesirable in any event. This
seems to be more of a problem with stem-based clades.]

        A) Does any one have any references on the "tradition" of attempting
to maintain some semblance of Linnean structure (eg. trying to keep
"families" less inclusive than "superfamilies") in Phylogenetic Taxonomy.
Not keeping ranks, keeping the naming tradition.
        B) Does anyone have any references on the status of generic taxa in
Phylogenetic Systematics. I am through the literature as far as Gauthier's
suggestion that genera be clades or part of the species name.
        C) Does anyone have any references on proposals for the maintainance
of stability in PT, other than people just whining that Phylogenetic taxa
are unstable.
        D) Does anyone have any references for suggestions as to how one
should treat the redefinition of non-phylogenetic taxa in PT.  Eg.
interpretation of definition and intent of the origional definition, crown
clades (have read Bryan 1994...).
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