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APS Meeting

    Greetings all,
        If any of you out there are in the Calgary area, oh heck, 
southern Alberta, or will be this friday, then you are invited to 
come to the Alberta Palaeontological Society meeting on the 21st. 
Joining us this time is Dr. Anthony Russell of the University of 
Calgary to give the presentation "Riddles in the Rock: Ideas About 
the Meanings of Fossils". Next month's meeting will feature 
paleoartist Mike Skrepnick teaching us all how to draw dinosaurs as 
good as him:-). The meetings, which are absolutly 100% free, take 
place at Mount Royal College in room B108 and the festivities 
commence at 7:30 pm.

        You can find out more about the APS and the meetings on our 
web page:

        Sorry for the advertisement, but I thought some of you out 
there might be interested. If you can make it, then I can't wait to 
meet ya'.



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