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Dino exhibit

The Palm Beach Science Museum, just S of W Palm Beach and tghe sign is
visible from I-95, has a Dinamation exhibit of perhaps 15 dinos, all
somewhere about 1/3 scale, in various action poses. It is set up for a walk
thru in a wooded area behind the Museum. They have propagated the old idea
of the Protceratops fighting off an egg stealing raptor, but in general,
next to going to a lot of different museums and looking at their mounts and
reconstructions, it is a good start and I am sure there willbe a number of
new VPs arise from this exhibit. If you are in S Florida, go see it. I
think they charge $5.00. I snuck out after it was closed and no one 
bothered me. I was there to give a talk to a Reef Researchh Team and did
not want to miss it. 
        It closes at 5 PM, I think, and will deopart WPB on 27 April. Has
Allosaur, Tri-tops, T rex (full scale head and leg), Apatosaur (damn it,
Brontosaurus!), a Velociraptor, etc.

Ray McAllister, Retired Prof. (Emeritus) of Ocean, mcallist@gate.net
Engineering, Dept of OE, Fla. Atlantic Univ., Boca 
Raton, FL 33064  (954) 426-0808