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Re: Theory of Non-Avian Dino Extinction

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:

> Also, there is no evidence that all the surviving mammals, amphibians,
> non-dinosaurian reptiles, and birds (not mentioned, but must include them)
> were hibernators: a trait not as common in warm climate species as in high
> latitude forms.  (Admittedly, some of them probably were).

The idea that not many warm climate species are hibernators is most
likely due to not much study being done on the subject.  Studies
released in the past year or so (sorry, I don't remember the
publications off the top of my head) have revealed numerous true
hibernators in the tropics from species not previously thought to
hibernate.  I'm not talking pseudohibernators like bears either.  I mean
real hibernators like chipmonks.

Joe Daniel