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US Dinosaur stamps

The US Postal Service will issue a gorgeous sheet of dinosaur stamps May 1 at
the Museum of Western Colorado, Grand Junction, CO 81501. The US doesn't
issue dino-stamps very often. The first appeared in 1970 as part of a set of
four stamps honoring the American Museum of Natural History in New York. In
1992 the U.S. produced three more dino-stamps, in a set of four devoted
exclusively to prehistoric reptiles from American territory (the fourth stamp
featured a pterosaur, not a dinosaur). Its upcoming third set of dino-stamps
is by far its most detailed and spectacular. Titled "The World of Dinosaurs,"
each sheet contains fifteen different stamps and depicts two separate scenes
of American prehistoric life. Painted by _Dinotopia_ artist James Gurney, the
upper scene shows Colorado during the Late Jurassic epoch 150 million years
ago, and the lower scene shows Montana during the Late Cretaceous epoch 75
million years ago. Both scenes >crawl< with prehistoric animals.

The Colorado scene is perforated so eight pieces can be torn out and used for
postage, and the Montana scene is likewise perforated into a further seven
pieces. Each piece thus becomes a 32-cent stamp that shows one (or more) of
the prehistoric animals in the scene, labeled with its scientific name. A few
other animals are in each scene, but since they don't get onto the stamps,
they aren't labeled. The plants aren't labeled either, but those in each
picture are authentic. Altogether 12 of the 15 stamps feature dinos
(_Ceratosaurus_, _Camptosaurus_, _Camarasaurus_, _Brachiosaurus_,
_Stegosaurus_, _Allosaurus_, _Edmontonia_, _Einiosaurus_, _Daspletosaurus_,
_Corythosaurus_, _Ornithomimus_, and _Parasaurolophus_), the other three
feature non-dino prehistoric reptiles (_Goniopholis_, _Opisthias_, and

More details will appear in _Prehistoric Times_ and _Dinosaurus_ magazine.