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Re: Paleoartist needs myology drawings

Darren Tanke wrote:
>  Paleoartist Mike Skrepnick has asked me to ask you for good references
> showing line drawings of the muscles and tendon arrangements of extant birds
> and crocodilians. These drawings would hopefully be layered, with one
> drawing showing lowermost muscle groups, the second drawing the middle group
> and last drawing showing the surficial musculature. We've given him all we
> can find here. Please respond to me and I'll forward your suggstions to Mike.
>  Thanks,
>  Darren Tanke
> Darren Tanke
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        Tell Mike he probably needs to do some disections. Perhaps you 
guys at Tyrrell can get someone to donate some crocodillians and have a 
dissection party.
        Also have Mike sketch as he eats chicken and turkey.

Jim K.

        Say hi to Mike for me and ask Phil about "our" newest find. Keep 
it a secret for now.