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Re: Dino Conference for High School Students

What's Andy's email address?


On Thu, 20 Mar 1997, Kraig Derstler wrote:

> Andrew Farke is organizing a dinosaur research conference for high
> school students. The proposed 3-day conference will be held in Rapid
> City, SD in mid-July 1997. It will include short research presentations
> by each participating student, plus fieldtrips to Lance Dinosaur Project
> excavations in eastern Wyoming and several nearby museum exhibits. Andy
> has submitted several proposals for funding, and he is seeking
> additional sponsors. Interested students and ponential sponsors should
> contact Andy via my e-mail address, or write directly to Andy Farke,
> 39083 284th Street, Armour, South Dakota 57313-6500.
>                                       - Kraig Derstler



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