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National Geographic: NOT the TV show

The recent talk about Natty Geo Explorer reminded me of something:

Does anyone know what happened to the journal National Geographic Research
and Exploration?  The USGS library stopped getting it long ago, but that was
around the same time as a round of library budget cuts, so I don't know
which end the cancellation was on.

Is the journal still being published (and, if so, what sort of paleo papers
have been in it in the last few years)?  Or, was it cancelled?

(For those who don't know, National Geographic Research and Exploration
(originally just National Geographic Research) was the technical journal of
the NGS, and included many excellent papers with color photos.  Among the
most significant of the paleontology papers in the series was Paul Sereno's
classic 1986 paper on the phylogeny of bird-hipped dinosaurs.

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