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Re: National Geographic: NOT the TV show

Thomas R. Holtz, Jr. wrote:
> The recent talk about Natty Geo Explorer reminded me of something:
> Does anyone know what happened to the journal National Geographic Research
> and Exploration?  The USGS library stopped getting it long ago, but that was
> around the same time as a round of library budget cuts, so I don't know
> which end the cancellation was on.
> Is the journal still being published (and, if so, what sort of paleo papers
> have been in it in the last few years)?  Or, was it cancelled?

It was cancelled. I had subscribed. It would have been successful if 
they had put it on the newstands like NG Travelor or Scientific 
        I was very sad as I was all set to write up a paper on our 
worlds oldest (latest Albian) noncrested lambeosaurine ( Nat. 
Geographic grant), but now I will have to settle for JVP (joke). The 
better the material the tougher to write it up.

Jim K.