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Re: Paleoartist needs myology drawings

Jim K wrote...
>       Tell Mike he probably needs to do some disections. Perhaps you 
> guys at Tyrrell can get someone to donate some crocodillians and have a 
> dissection party.
>       Also have Mike sketch as he eats chicken and turkey.

     Which reminds me of something I thought of a little while ago...how
many paleoartists who are basing thier restorations on dissections of
DOMESTICATED chickens?  I know this comes out of left feild, but it
occured to me the other day that domesticated animals being bred for meat
might have considerably more muscles mass then a wild animal.  Are
dinosaurs being restored too chunky?

LN Jeff
"Thanks for letting me borrow your phaser."
"I hope you didn't use it in anger."
"No, I was laughing most of the time."