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Sandy site update

Thanks for the kind words, Kraig.

1996 work at Sandy site was limited.  We spent about 3 weeks on location
and tidied up the site.   Fans of sand formed from the overburden over the
winter/spring were removed, and drainage cut to eliminate pooling.  About a
25 by 25 foot area was excavated on one side of the quarry to test the
site's viability, with an excellent result.  About 400 specimens were
mapped and collected, most within a band about 5 feet wide running ENE, and
covering the gammut of critters sans big herbivores.  1997 plans are much
the same, with limited excavations and basic site maintenance on the
agenda.  This spring in the lab we will be molding the complete mammal
skull, one of the giant raptor femurs, the new turtle skull, and a few
other items of special interest.