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Let National Geographic Society know how you feel!

The following message was sent to National
Geographic Society via their home page. You 
will find the address toward the bottom of this 
"I understand that Ted Turner 
produced a National Geographic 
Explorer that was highly prejudiced 
against collecting fossils. I want 
to express my outraged that such a 
slanted program could be produced 
and tarnish the name of such a 
celebrated and highly thought of 
organization as the National 
Geographic Society. I would like 
to know if this program represents
the general membership and the 
editorial viewpoint of NGS. Please 
respond and let us know. I am an 
avid rockhound and fossil collector.
 I know that we are saving many 
fossils that would otherwise be 
destroyed by natural erosion.
Gary W. Yantis
Geology Club of San Antonio"
The following address is the home page and the way to send email 
messages to the National Geographic Society. I believe that those 
who are outraged should let the NGS know how they feel. 
Gary Yantis
Star Film Ranch Publishing Company
"Those who give up a little bit of freedom for a bit of safety deserve neither"
-Ben Franklin