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Re: Subject: Bird hibernation/torpor

>But then I got to thinking (and this is strictly public rumination) that
>an emu is a savannah animal like the phorusrhacoids (isn't it?).  These
>"terror birds" were always a problem for my non-stealthy nest idea because
>they were apparently too big to be secretive about anything--yet they
>thrived for ages.  Then it came too me in a revelation: GRASS.  Like the
>emus the phorusrhacoids could have avoided detection at the vulnerable
>time of nesting by laying still (perhaps going into torpor) for days at a
>time.  But they must have some cover for this and grass was available just
>as it is for the emus today.

Except that both emus and ostriches will nest on open bare ground without
tall grass.
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