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Re: Metatarsal fusion/nonfusion: birds/theropods

Thomas R. Holtz wrote:
>The metatarsus is, alas, unknown for any abelisaurid so far described. 
        Chatterjee's paper in _Gondwanna Dinosaurs_ shows metatarsal
elements for _Indosuchus_. As the elements appear to both be Mt III, and are
not restored fused to any other elements, I think it is appropriate to
conclude tenatively that this taxon does not have a fused metatarsus. As an
aside, while the skull looks very similar to _Abelisaurus_, I would be
interested to hear people's oppinions on the ramifications of this animal,
as it does appear to lack some of putative cranial synapomorphies of
Neoceratosauria (eg. tall premax). On the other hand, folks, you should see
the pelvis, it is very ceratosaur-like. And the pubes look somewhat like

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