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Re: Deinonychus

You wrote: 
>        Having just purchased (at a somewhat steep price) Ostrom's 1969
>Ostelolgy of _Deinonychus_, I was impressed by one fundamental fact which
>has affected public interpretation of this taxon since 1969: No one looked
>past the first skull drawing.
>        The first skull drawing (and the full skeletal restoration, which
>includes the coracoid standing in for the pubis) shows the "lizard" shape we
>are all sick and tired of, with the very short frontal, short tall snout,
>and general "iguana" look to it. Two pages or so after this 

>From what I understand, you can thank Bakker for that drawing.

I got a copy of the volume years ago. I did a drawing of the skull and 
it came out way lower than the on in the skeleton. There are a number 
of things artist get wrong with Deinonychus, and I address several of 
these in my article in an up and comeing Prehistoric Times.