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Re: Metatarsal fusion/nonfusion: birds/theropods

Jim Kirkland cc'd a message to both the list and to Brooks Britt.
Brooks' response was intended for the list, but it got rejected since
Brooks isn't subscribed.  I'm forwarding it for your edification --

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  Date: Mon, 24 Mar 1997 10:56:56 -0500 (EST)
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  Subject: Re: Metatarsal fusion/nonfusion: birds/theropods

  I have made a point of looking for additional example of fused
  metatarsi in Ceratosaurus and to date the only example of fusion is
  that of the type specimen at the USNM.  As I noted in my master's
  thesis (1991, BYU Geology Studies, p 58) on the theropods of Dry
  Mesa, the Ceratosaurus metatarsals from Dry Mesa are unfused.  We
  have several Ceratosaurus metatarsals with the Fruita Ceratosaurus
  (in press as a new species by Madsen and Welles) and they show no
  evidence of fusion.  Ken Stadtman and I are working on a new
  Ceratosaurus specimen from Utah but no metatarsals were found with
  In summary, I have long been convinced that the fused metatarsals in
  the type of Ceratosaurus are pathologic.