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Re: Regulation of collecting...and NGS

Gordon G wrote:
>If there must be error in the degree of regulation to
> be taken to accomplish full, protective preservation, then I believe
> that an extreme in the direction of protecting the specimen is
> acceptable, if not absolutely necessary.
 I have found a number of important specimens on private property that I
have donated to The Royal Tyrrell Museum of Palaeontology. The people
who own this land will not allow scientists on their property, which is
their right. However, I have been able to explore and find extremely
important fossils that would otherwise have turned to dust and been
totally lost to science. How would an extreme in this case have served
 This attitude that nobody but scientists should touch, find, or
otherwise have anything to do with a fossil except look at it behind
glass in some museum does not help the science a bit. I think that
co-operation between amateurs and professionals would be much more
productive. I'm long past being able to change my vocation and become a
degreed scientist. I have a job and a family, so I hunt and collect
fossils as a hobby. Should I only be able to do this if I'm properly
educated and work for a museum?
Shane Leuck
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