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[Fwd: Re: Sail backed Iguanodon]

Brooks Britt forwarded these comments to me regarding the sail-backed 
Iguanodont that was found associated with a Utahraptor at the Dalton 
Wells Quarry.

Jim K.
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We have collected over 1400 bones at the Dalton Wells quarry near Moab and
have found no evidence of more then one ornithopod.  We consideer the maxilla
with teeth described by Galton and Jensen as Iguanodon ottingeri to be a
juvenile.  We have elements of at least two adult individuals showing I.
ottingeri attained a length of 30 feet.  The Dalton Wells taxon differs from
the european Iguanodons and shows some similarities to Iguanodon lakotaensis,
but the details remain to be worked out.  I received a sizeable grant from
the Dinosaur Society to conduct two months of field work and research trips
this year and hope to have more details in the near future.

Brooks Britt
Curator of Paleontology
Museum of Western Colorado
Box 20000 
Grand Junction, CO 81504
voice 970 245 7695

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