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(Fwd) Re: Talk Section email

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Date:          Mon, 24 Mar 1997 10:20:52 -0800
From:          ngsforum <ngsforum@nationalgeographic.com>
Organization:  National Geographic Society
To:            hollywood@hollywood-vine.com
Subject:       Re: Talk Section email

hollywood@hollywood-vine.com wrote:
> _____________________________________________________________
> The following information was passed from the talk section
>  of the NGS web site on abyss.
> I  understand  that  Ted  Turner      produced  a  National
> Geographic      Explorer  that  was  highly  prejudiced
> against  collecting  fossils.  I  want      to  express  my
> outraged  that  such  a      slanted  program  could  be
> produced      and  tarnish  the  name  of  such  a
>     celebrated  and  highly  thought  of      organization
> as  the  National      Geographic  Society.  I  would  like
>     to  know  if  this  program  represents    the
> general  membership  and  the      editorial  viewpoint  of  NGS.
> Please      respond  and  let  us  know.  I  am
> an      avid  rockhound  and  fossil  collector.
> I  know  that  we  are  saving  many      fossils
> that  would  otherwise  be      destroyed  by  natural  erosion.
>   Sincerely,    Gary  W.  Yantis    President,    Geology
> Club  of  San  Antonio
>           This message was sent by: Gary Yantis
> _____________________________________________________________

Thank you for writing to the National Geographic Society.

We appreciate the comment or suggestion you have sent to us about a 
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC magazine article, our Website, or one of the many 
other aspects of the National Geographic Society.  I will see that all 
comments are circulated among the appropriate staff here at our 
headquarters and that comments on our magazine articles are given to our 
FORUM editor for consideration.

Again, thank you for your interest in the Society.

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-Ben Franklin