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re: Gordon G comments & Nat Geo Exp

I am in fundamental disagreement with Gordon G's comments.  Government
agencies go after deer poachers while at the same time supporting and
encouraging legitimate, legal hunters. They do not harrass legitimate
hunters. This approach can be taken regarding fossils.  Do you think that
poaching of deer would stop if they banned hunting?  Of course not!    I
also disagree with the idea that fossils(per se) are no one's personal
property.  They most certainly are.  Ownership of  "...the history of life
itself, etc." is an abstraction that simply doesn't apply to the real
world.  If no one owned fossils, there wouldn't be very many preserved, and
Mother Nature would resume her full-time role of fossil destroyer. Please
correct me if I am wrong, but the last time I checked, greed and ignorance
were not punishable by law.  It is terrifying to contemplate support of
"...an extreme in the direction of protecting the specimen" if it means
harming innocent people.  Extremism in any policy is a bad idea.  Finally,
you conveniently jumbled a lot of archaeological woes into a fossil
discussion.  There is a universe of difference.  Now I'm going to go out
and find a really good quote...