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Re: Deinonychus

In a message dated 97-03-24 03:05:54 EST, you write:

<< I got a copy of the volume years ago. I did a drawing of the skull and 
 it came out way lower than the on in the skeleton. There are a number 
 of things artist get wrong with Deinonychus, and I address several of 
 these in my article in an up and comeing Prehistoric Times.

But is the skull form as extreme as _Velociraptor_?  Greg Paul seems to think
so, in his book Predatory Dinosaurs.. but I wonder if it is not closer to
Bakker's reconstruction, or Paul's?  I feel it is probably closer to
Bakker's.  Of course, we could just find an intact skull and be done with



P.S.  I also have Ostrom's book, and it is no less accurate than most first
interpretations of fragmentary specimens. (I got the book 6 years ago. Dr.
Ostrom sent me a copy to use in my classroom. I have it in a really special
spot of the dinosaur shelf!)