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Re: Dinosaur Extinction

On Wed, 26 Mar 1997, Ray McAllister wrote:

> Matt, Thanks so much fotr  the link to the T R U T H!!!!! I never would
> have believed it if it were not in print and from such an authoritative
> source. 

Oh, don't thank me!  That was Jeff Poling's contribution to bring a smile
to us all.  Worked for me!  I was on the floor.

>       We breath Nitrox when diving, at the same or higher O2 content than he
> says made the dinos tipsy. Wonder how we survive. Wonder whose rendition of
> Genesis he used. Wonder if it was translated from Hebrew, Aramaic, greek,
> or?? Somebody help me. I am S O    C O N F U S E D .

Yeah, it never ceases to amaze me to what lengths someone will go to force
the creation issue into something that appears to be scientific.  Sigh.
Oh, well.  At least it is a source of entertainment.



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