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According to a "News and Comment" piece in the current (March 21)
issue of _Science_, the _Nature_ paper on the purportedly feathered
dinosaur has been held up by the editors' request for revisions (it
hasn't even been decided yet that the paper will be published, though
I'm hard pressed to imagine that they wouldn't...).  However, Luis
Chiappe and Mark Norell have now seen the specimen and agree that the
thing looks like it had feathers.  (Well, Chiappe was quoted as having
said: "They look very much like feathers,"; and it's stated that he
saw the fossil with Mark Norell -- presumably Mark didn't disagree
with him).  The expedition that includes John Ostrom, Larry Martin and
our own Alan Brush is scheduled to come back on Tuesday.  With luck
Alan can be goaded into giving us a first-hand report next week.

The report states that a description of the fossil has appeared in
_Chinese Geology_ (in Chinese, of course), but it doesn't state what,
if anything, the animal was called in that description.  I hope you
like the name I suggested in the subject line...

Mickey Rowe     (mrowe@indiana.edu)