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Re: Oreodon

Sheri Codiana wrote:
> I'm trying to find information on the Oreodon. 
> What I'm looking for is just general information.  And a picture, if it is
> available.

The animal specifically that you are thinking of is probably 
Merycoidodon that was formally known as Oreodon.

Right off hand I cannot think of many popular references to these common 
Oligocene mammals.

One reference is Titled "The White River Badlands" O'Harra, (1920) South 
Dakota School of Mines Bull. no. 13, 181 p., 96 plates. I bought a copy 
at Badlands National Park a few years ago for $5.95. It was reprinted 
for Wall Drug Store by the Argus Printers. It is a general overview of 
the area and its fossils with pictures of skulls and skeletons.

Another is:

The Phylogeny of the Oreodonts, Schultz and Falkenbach, 1968, American 
Museum of Natural History Bulletin, 498 p. More detail and more name 
splitting than anyone could ever use.

Jim "I don't do mammals" Kirkland