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In a message dated 97-03-26 14:18:06 EST, fb@nrc.nl (fred bervoets) writes:

<< Is Hikanodon (Kerferstein, 1834) indeed a member of the Iguanodontidae 
 (and in fact Iguanodon)?
 And are Cetiosaurus brevius and Streptospondylus major like Iguanodon
 anglicus found in Wealden, West Sussex, England? >>

_Hikanodon_ is one of the few dinosaur genera in my list that I have not seen
the original reference for. I was given the name by a reliable source as a
junior synonym of _Iguanodon_.

_Cetiosaurus brachyurus_ and _Streptospondylus major_ are both commonly
considered to be based on remains of _Iguanodon anglicus_ and _Iguanodon
atherfieldensis_, respectively, but who first made this determination I don't
yet know. It's likely to have been one of the British paleontologists of the
late 1800's, correcting Owen's work--or even Owen himself.

_Cetiosaurus brevis_, however, seems to be a synonym of _Pelorosaurus
conybearei_ rather than a species of _Iguanodon_. I think it's even based on
material later made the type specimen of _P. conybearei_.