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Re: Amount of Information Known

At 02:18 AM 3/27/97 -0500, Dinogeorge wrote:
>In a message dated 97-03-26 22:43:46 EST, granth@ziplink.net (Grant Harding)
><< Which non-avian dinosaur is the most information known about? Please give 
> me a species name if possible. >>
>_Maiasaura peeblesorum_, surely, with a bonebed of more than 10,000
>individuals awaiting excavation, and many growth series known from egg to old

Well, Maiasaura has the POTENTIAL to be the best known nonavian dinosaur.
However, for available information, _Allosaurus fragilis_ may be the best
described, thanks in particular to the monograph by Jim Madsen.

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